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Les Feuilles Mortes
(1947 French/English Translation)
The Dead Leaves
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Happy April Fool's Day! Raise your hand if you're a fool. Read more...Collapse )

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Happy Birthday to you, Dancing Daddy McCarthy! I wish you all you wish yourself, and I wish I could heal you.

All play and no work makes my new job very rewarding and strangely busy. So sad it can't last. My melancholy poem for a change tonight:Read more...Collapse )

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Today was beautiful, just like Veronica would say to all those Heathers, in the movie "Heathers".Read more...Collapse )

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I have mastered a temporary lifestyle of minimalism for the remaining couple weeks of February. All my excessive possessions are in Seattle now, and all my essential and a few playful tools and possessions remain here in Eugene. I'm thrilled and chilled by the echoes in my once gorgeous (now carcass) apartment, and I'm savoring all these last hikes, dinners, and coffee dates with my pals here in Duckland. Note to self, in the future, beware hiking with so many chain smokers.

The sun has been great these past few days. My birthday was tremendously social, and I'm humbled to say I haven't won a single croquet match now that I'm a quarter century old.

Brody is safely relocated and undamaged from the move. One of the hot piano movers left his sunglasses on my desk, so I look forward to returning to him someday in March.

My swan song "Jealous Lover" for the February recital went flawlessly, and in two days we're all carpooling to Breitenbush for the Radical Faerie Gathering. I don't expect to be the same afterwards.

My favorite holiday is tomorrow. This year, my Valentine is very obscure and he truly fascinates me. Maybe that's romance? Our theme is backgammon and we're gonna laugh so hard!

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Tomorrow is a new day for Toblerone.

i have decided to formally accept a march internship in Seattle tomorrow and will begin my goodbyes to my fabulous peeps and haunts in darling Eugene later this week.

This is SOOOooo exhilarating! but at the same time tremendously challenging and bittersweet. Seattle is so big. More to come.

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I just got home from shopping all afternoon with my favorite Radical Faerie friend, JerFalcon, and I've never looked so good in soooo many dresses! More is more, but much more is much more exciting! I love my legs, I love leather, and one can never have too many hats, scarves, and combat boots. I can't wait for February.

This morning I also hiked Mt. Pisgah again with the hiking group and we played on the swing up there. I also ran into Crystal and Brennan the god again at the Laughing Planet. Crystal's moving back from New York. What a pretty holiday.

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Wouldn't it be fun to take time and understand why so many of us hold onto all this junk in the basement or attic?? Read more...Collapse )

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