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April 2007
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Toblerone [userpic]
Magnetic Poetry

**since I'm trying NOT to focus on reality tonight...**

Here are some silly sayings that have been collected on my magnetic poetry board in my bathroom over the past six years:

Never broken
Never healed

this dirty phobia of drugs
speaks clouds of lies.

All things secret and sacred haunt my pool life.

listen less to young affairs


Our team always wins
but we secretly cheat.

wet in a warm breeze
I am found!

Die Chelsea Clinton!
You dazzle god
not me

Runaway soon! Escape vicious facelift decay!

Washington animals love sex! That is why we live here.

He likes corduroy
and he's on fire.

I miss yesterday's stiff needle.

The fever in you always brings ferocious work to our mornings.

Worry not if I bleed.

My soft velvet glove has a guilty guilty jealous temper.

Free from human hormones children live.

Boy you have a sexy smile
a deep voice
and a foolish desire to kiss me.

Current Music: Madonna - I ran
Comment Ca Va? Alors, ca va bien

Dahlink - guess who's coming up this weekend? Call me poste haste - we must make arrangements. Us career girls must flock together.

Re: Comment Ca Va? Alors, ca va bien

Hey career girl!

We'll be so PROUD together, hahaha. Sadly, this career girl is working the IKEA It-Only-Happens-Twice-A-Year-Sale all day Sat, and then 12-4 on Sun, but late Saturday night and all day Sunday afternoon will be scandalous! Talk to you soon! -T