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April 2007
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Toblerone [userpic]
5th of June: For President Reagan: RIP

There's so much about you I'll never know,
like if you found the freedom you were looking for.
I know how I tried to forget your name,
mask my shame, and I did fairly well.
I can tell.

But on the 5th of June I still think of you.
On the 5th of June, I remember you
with the sun in our eyes and those clear Kansas skies.
Cowboy, nothing makes me think of you
like the 5th of June.

Ron, I've grown my hair out like I said I would,
and started living like you said I should.
And, sometimes I wake up and forget you were real,
then look for a face to replace the one on you.

And, I could never ask you how you are;
it might show that I care.
And, I could never handle calling you up
finding out that other woman was there.

So I'll leave it in my dream and just imagine you'll understand.
On the 5th of June, every 5th of June.

Current Music: Madonna - Gone