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April 2007
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Toblerone [userpic]
Corporate Awakening

I am reaching a professional crossroad and it all seems foggy.

My internship with IKEA's Design Center is coming to an end next week and I'm not sure how i will enjoy full-time status as a kitchen planner from that point on. I love the mass majority who work at IKEA, in fact they're sensational and edgy, some are actually really hot and clever, yet I'm still not too enthused with the present scenario.

I had a long chat with my manager today and discussed the differences between the Seattle IKEA and the Corporate models around the world. IKEA Seattle is a very unusual franchise operation. The grass is greener and more swedish on the other side. So, I'm tempted to groom myself into a corporate designer position between now and next summer when the new Portland, OR, and North Seattle IKEA stores become a reality. Both stores will need many interior designers and managers. My corporate training could begin as early as late August.

As for the daily grind, the Memorial Day Tax-Free sale starts tomorrow and everything becomes craziness! I'm ignoring reality tomorrow as I obsess over my final bedroom make-over display workshop presenation and hide in a display building room most of the day while thousands of customers shove their way through the store saving a few pennies and forego camping this Memorial Day weekend.

If I had my choice, I would be with the radical faeries this weekend in Redmond, WA on some campus near a winery. They are hot and have more hot-tub space than I can comprehend.

Nonetheless, I had enough hot-tubbing last weekend. William & Brian were visiting from Eugene and we had the greatest time! On Saturday we explored Alki, Broadway, the Seattle Center, Seattle Art Museum, Green Lake, and all the bars on Capital Hill except Neighbors. At the Cuff, we all encountered guys from our sordid pasts. Will and Brian ran into three guys they used to know in Phoenix, and I ran into Michael, Chad, Terr, and Jack.

What a reunion! I was so happy to catch up with Michael and we laughed like old times. We share a very special bond from all these years and can recite any scene from Death Becomes Her with frightening conviction. It felt so good to finally cross paths again.

The plot thickened on Sunday when I dropped off the boys at a bbq with the previous Phoenix friends. I had a separate patio christening at Rohm's and a kichen dept. meeting at IKEA at 9:30. WIlliam and Brian's hosting couple have a beautiful home with a fancy hot-tub and basement renter. He's a piano player and Shakespeare fanatic. I was enchanted instantly though was carried off to the hot-tub way too soon. The hosts are having another bbq this weekend, but i'm afraid to attend alone because they drugged my friend William with a tranquilizing drink and it was very... bold. The drink only took 20 minutes to take effect and he was messed up all the next day.

My trip back to Eugene OR this week was very sucessful and I saw many friends, hiked a couple trails, and collected the cello Melinda was borrowing. She hadn't made a single payment in seven months.

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