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April 2007
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Toblerone [userpic]
The Charleston (1923)

Charleston! Charleston! Made in Caroli-na,
Some dance, some prance, I'll say, there's nothin' finer-than-the
Charleston! Charleston!-- Lord how you can shuffle,
Ev'ry step you do, Leads to somethin' new,
Man I'm telling you, It's a lapazoo!

Buck dance, Wing dance, will be a back number,
But the Charleston, the new Charleston
That dance is surely a comer!

Sometime, You'll dance it one time,
The dance called the Charleston,
Made in South Caroline! Whoa!

Life is good, I'm having fun with my new 1920's music book. hehe.

I got really lucky yesterday. I dug out my old bike rack from the high school volvo and it fit the back of my new car and I went for a bike ride around Lake Sammamish and onto the Birke Gilman trail. So many beautiful guys on bikes! Ah! The lucky part happened when I tried to get my bike tire fixed at a snooty bike shop in downtown Issaquah, but they said they couldn't work on it for a day and a half, so I took my chances with the shredded back tire and it didn't explode the whole afternoon. Of course I fretted about it the entire ride and also about the parking meter I neglected to pay. Lucky.

I'm excited to see Cirque de Soleile (sp?) at Marymoore Park in the near future. I'll either be going on Sat or Sun May 20 -21st. I'm in search of the perfect double date. Tall, dark and handsome is the requirement since that describes the couple I'm joining. Are all the good ones really taken by now?? Spring just started. I'm beginning to wonder.

This week I embarked on an additional routine of rowing for exercise around the lake. It's very slow, but therefore therapeutic. Perhaps my acheing (I mean bulging) shoulders will attract some gorgeous and misplaced dudes in one of the parks. That's tomorrow's test.

Current Music: Madonna - Sky Fits Heaven
Charleston - d'ahling

Toblerone - Your new pic is fabu. Very Doris Day meets Sandra Dee - love it.

I saw CdS at the end of April for their closing show here in Portland - excellent show, and the men? HOT. C'est tres magnifique, mon noir frere!

You must keep in touch. Sometimes people with cancer don't live forever. Call me next time you're present.