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Toblerone [userpic]

Today Great Uncle Buddy's obituary appeared in an Indiana Times. He was a lifelong resident of Whiting, a devoted family man, Catholic to a fault, a survivor of the invasion of Normandy in WWII, and received a purple heart and bronze star. He wrote poetry and made cartoons. I was supposed to meet him this summer, but timing is funny this way. I'm sure he was the charismatic dapper grandfather figure everyone easily loves. He was raised by the same gypsies as my grandmother and therefore could do no wrong. He died from prostate cancer and was 86.

I registered for the June Breast Cancer Race for the Cure as an IKEA team member today. So far our team is over 50 members, and I've never done one of these types of marathons before. I'm really looking forward to the event. We'll all have matching baby blue IKEA t-shirts. Email me if you'd like to send a pledge. Every dollar I raise will be matched by IKEA and that's free money for research! Thankx!

Spring has sprung and I now have my first crush. He's from Guam and has the greatest eyelashes I've ever seen. The rest of him isn't bad either!

Current Music: Danny Wright - Autumn Leaves
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I see you've changed the theme to your journal. Thank you baby jesus! It looks much better. It's so... Ikea.