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Yeah, so we had a health fair at IKEA today, and now i have osteoporosis. Just when one thinks it's safe to hang up the phone and go get a free massage, they print out a test result to say the vertebrae in my spine are slowly collapsing. **huge sigh**

I guess I could say I did this to myself, but it's a little unsettling, and all I ever wanted was the free massage.

Current Music: Paris Hilton - Nothing in this World

I played piano alot today. I'm very hurt, perhaps a little numb, with Kolt's drug overdose.

Sombre Demijour

Le Soleil se couche bas derrière la colline,
Je t'aime mon adorèe mon coeur peine
À travers les années ta viene à demijour
portant les joies d'amour.

Quand le sombre demijour laisee tomber ses voiles d'amour
les étoiles commencent à luire dans les cieux
A travers le brouillard ta voix murmure que c'est toi répétant mon nom tout bas
Dans la nuit silencieuse tu paraîs si amoureuse
Mais tu fuis la nuit finie mes bras sont vides

Et si mon pauve coeur palpite
C'est parce que tue me quittes
là dans le sombre demijour.

Anglais: Deep Purple

The sun is sinking low behind the hill,
I loved you long ago, I love you still,
Across the years you come to me at twilight,
to bring me love's old thrill.

When the Deep Purple falls over sleepy garden walls,
and the stars begin to flicker in the sky,
Thru the mist of a memory
you wander back to me, breathing my name with a sigh,
In the still of the night once again you hold me tight,
Though you're gone, your love lives on when moonlight beams,

And as long as my heart will beat, Lover, we'll always meet
here is my Deep Purple dreams.

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**since I'm trying NOT to focus on reality tonight...**

Here are some silly sayings that have been collected on my magnetic poetry board in my bathroom over the past six years:

Never broken
Never healed

this dirty phobia of drugs
speaks clouds of lies.

All things secret and sacred haunt my pool life.

listen less to young affairs


Our team always wins
but we secretly cheat.

wet in a warm breeze
I am found!

Die Chelsea Clinton!
You dazzle god
not me

Runaway soon! Escape vicious facelift decay!

Washington animals love sex! That is why we live here.

He likes corduroy
and he's on fire.

I miss yesterday's stiff needle.

The fever in you always brings ferocious work to our mornings.

Worry not if I bleed.

My soft velvet glove has a guilty guilty jealous temper.

Free from human hormones children live.

Boy you have a sexy smile
a deep voice
and a foolish desire to kiss me.

Current Music: Madonna - I ran

---------------Gay Guys-----------------------
-------------are like apples------------------
--------on trees. The best ones-----------
-------are at the top of the tree.--------
------The boys dont want to reach------
----for the good ones because they ------
--are afraid of falling and getting hurt.----
-Instead, they just get the rotten apples-
--from the ground that aren't as good, --
but easy. So the apples at the top think
something is wrong with them, when in
--reality, they're amazing. They just----
---have to wait for the right boy to-------
----- come along, the one who's-----------
----------- brave enough to-----------------
-----------------climb all----------------------
----------------- the way---------------------
-----------------to the top--------------------
---------------- of the tree.---------------

Current Music: Madonna - American Life

*cough*Read more...Collapse )

Current Music: Madonna - Gone

I am reaching a professional crossroad and it all seems foggy.

My internship with IKEA's Design Center is coming to an end next week Read more...Collapse )

Current Music: Madonna - Get Together

Charleston! Charleston! Made in Caroli-na,
Some dance, some prance, I'll say, there's nothin' finer-than-the
Charleston! Charleston!-- Lord how you can shuffle,
Ev'ry step you do, Leads to somethin' new,
Man I'm telling you, It's a lapazoo!

Buck dance, Wing dance, will be a back number,
But the Charleston, the new Charleston
That dance is surely a comer!

Sometime, You'll dance it one time,
The dance called the Charleston,
Made in South Caroline! Whoa!

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Current Music: Madonna - Sky Fits Heaven

Today Great Uncle Buddy's obituary appeared in an Indiana Times. He was a lifelong resident of Whiting, a devoted family man, Catholic to a fault, a survivor of the invasion of Normandy in WWII, and received a purple heart and bronze star. He wrote poetry and made cartoons. I was supposed to meet him this summer, but timing is funny this way. I'm sure he was the charismatic dapper grandfather figure everyone easily loves. He was raised by the same gypsies as my grandmother and therefore could do no wrong. He died from prostate cancer and was 86.

I registered for the June Breast Cancer Race for the Cure as an IKEA team member today. So far our team is over 50 members, and I've never done one of these types of marathons before. I'm really looking forward to the event. We'll all have matching baby blue IKEA t-shirts. Email me if you'd like to send a pledge. Every dollar I raise will be matched by IKEA and that's free money for research! Thankx!

Spring has sprung and I now have my first crush. He's from Guam and has the greatest eyelashes I've ever seen. The rest of him isn't bad either!

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Well, today I caved in and bought a car. I christened her Madeline, after Madeline Ashton in Death Becomes Her. Read more...Collapse )

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Today's a day off. So I'm laying here in the dappled sunlight, doing some sketches and finishing The Kite Runner, while also listening to the static on the radio over laughter and lazy poundng from two hot construction workers next door. My neighbor's erecting a new roof, and their timing is flawless!

I recommend the book, but it's difficult to read in this climate.

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